Monday, August 27, 2007

Historic Petersburg Virginia Building # 29 ...

Excuse my sparse blogging over the past few weeks.

It's been a busy summer. Not the "busy" summers of my youth - spent each year on Chincoteague Island - when summer days stretched out before me and the light didn't fade until almost bedtime. No, this has been a "busy" adult summer, mainly spent driving back and forth between Richmond and Murfreesboro. It's been a summer of vacation days spent packing boxes, renting storage units, and looking for a new places to live. The good news is that the effort has paid off - and a new house has been found !

Historic Petersburg Building Number 29, cited by the VA Historic Landmarks Commission as "a rare Italianate Double House of outstanding significance and of great importance to the neighborhood" will soon be called home. The new house is half of a double house that was completed in December 1861. (Gee .... in hindsight, 1861 probably wasn't the best year to be building a new house in Petersburg VA !)

My favorite part about the new house is that it has been completely restored by an award winning contractor. He just finished the restoration last month. For once I'll be moving into a historic house without having to try to explain to my friends and family "what it will look like when it's done." .

Two complete house restoration's (New York and North Carolina) have worn me out. It can be very rewarding to restore a house, but at this point in my life I'm really glad not to have to !

Give me a little time - and then you will all be invited over for a tour of the new house !