Monday, November 17, 2008

Lafayette's Visit

Typewritten document dated Jan 14, 1962:

C.C.Lawrence says that his grandmother, Miss Mary Pipkin, later Mrs. John W. Southall, told him as a child that she attended Lafayette's address at a house at the head of a gully making up from Broad Street, across and slightly east of the Wheeler House. This house had a brick cellar,bricks rising from the ground about four feet, extending to weatherboarding. One floor after the weatherboard; two floors with cellar. On top of the building there extended from the comb a square hewn timber, approximately 6 x 6 " square, upward approximately 4 or 5 feet high, atop which rested "something similar to a 12 o'clock bell" (farm bell). This house was in use "during my days" as a lodge house for the colored ones. The bell in 1962 is still being in use for the colored ones lodge.