Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 ... HAPPY NEW YEAR .... !!!!

Happy New Year !

I'm afraid we may be in for a bumpy ride in 2009, but as these historic manuscripts show - "the more things change, the more they seem to stay the same".

Littleton Mission School
Littleton NC
3/17 1897

Mr. Winbourne,
Please don't take any steps yet. I can not get all the money together until Sat. the 20th and will forward at once.

Yours, Virgil N. Bond

North Carolina Insane Asylum
Geo L. Kirby M.D.

Raleigh NC ..... 189 ...

R.W. Winbourne Esq.
Murfreesboro NC

Dear Sir:

Kindly advise me if Murfreesboro is a good location for a physician and if not can you tell me where to find one. I expect to lose my place here in next few days whether by legislative action or by action of incoming Board of Directors to be appointed by the Gov. Kindly advise me at once as my days here are numbered
and oblige.

Very respectfully
J.A. Faison M.D.

Allison & Addison
Manufacturers of Fertilizers
1322 Cary Street
PO Box 365
Richmond VA
April 19, 1897

Dictated by J.H.A.

Mess. Winbourne & Lawrence
Murfreesboro NC


Replying to your favor of the 16th inst., we note that you have collected a check from A.B. Adkins, Esq., for $100 on account, and we hope that the check will be paid and that we will soon have the remittance in hand. In regard to granting his request for the extension until next fall we have to say that we are not willing to do so, unless he can give us gilt edge security for the balance due; if he cannot do this we will ask that you push the matter as previously advised and secure a judgement before a magistrate and have the execution issued at once. If, however, he can give you a new note for the balance due with gilt edge security for the payment of the same, interest to be added, we would be willing to extend the time until next fall, otherwise, we wish the matter pushed to a speedy conclusion.

Yours truly,
Allison & Addison