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Murfreesboro NC - Wesleyan Female College - 1882-83

Wesleyan Female College, Murfreesboro N.C.
E.E. Parham, A.M. President
Session 1882-83

Board of Corporators

Hon. D.A. Barnes - President
J.N. Lawrence - Secretary
J.N. Harrell
J.W. Hill
Jno. W. Harrell
H.T. Lassiter
G.N. Harrell
Rev. Wm. Grant
T.W. Mason
Jno. C. Lawrence M.D.
L.B. Kilby
L.C. Lawrence
J.T. Lewter, M.D.
E. Jacobs
S.F. Pearce
J.M. Wynns
Hon. J.J. Yeates

Faculty 1882-1883

Literary Department
E.E. Parham, A.M.
Mental and Moral Philosophy

J.T. Littleton. A.M.
Physical Sciences and Higher Mathematics

Miss Lelia Camp
English and Arithmetic

Miss Maggie Parham
English and French

Miss ---------
English Literature and History

Prof. J.T. Littleton
French and German

Prof. E.E. Payham

Miss Lelia Camp
Calisthenics and Elocution

Music Department

Prof. ----------
Piano and Organ

Mrs. Sue Montgomery Funk
Instrumental Music

Mrs. Blanche C. Myrick
Vocal Music

Art Department
Miss Ella L. Jester

Domestic Department
Mr. and Mrs. Parham

SESSION 1881-82

List of Students

Miss Mattie Ames Nansemond County, Virginia
Miss Lelia Adams Southampton County, Virginia
Miss Pattie Adams Southampton County, Virginia
Miss Natalie Applewhite Southampton County, Virginia
Miss Elma Bryant Southampton County, Virginia
Miss Blannie Britton Murfreesboro, North Carolina
Miss Jimmie Cullens Harrellsville, North Carolina
Miss Linda Carter Murfreesboro, North Carolina
Miss Annie Douglas Norfolk County, Virginia
Miss Minnie Durfey Harrellsville, North Carolina
Miss Mollie Futrell Northampton, North Carolina
Miss Gertrude Harrell Murfreesboro, North Carolina
Miss Mary Lassiter Murfreesboro, North Carolina
Miss Fannie Marks Warrenton, North Carolina
Miss Laura Morrisette Camden, North Carolina
Miss Carrie Moodie Greensville, Virginia
Miss Georgie Pipkin Murfreesboro, North Carolina
Miss Belle Stevenson Northampton, North Carolina
Mis Lillie Vick Murfreesboro, North Carolina
Miss Addie Walker Greensville, Virginia
Miss Ella Williams Murfreesboro, North Carolina
Miss Annie Williams Murfreesboro, North Carolina
Miss Indie Ward Northampton, North Carolina
Miss Lillie Whitehead Murfreesboro, North Carolina
Miss Ella Whitehead Murfreesboro, North Carolina
Miss Mary Wynns Murfreesboro, North Carolina
Miss Jennie Wynns Murfreesboro, North Carolina
Miss Lucy Wynns Murfreesboro, North Carolina

German Only:
Miss Sallie Vaughan Murfreesboro, North Carolina

German and Music Only:
Miss Maggie Parham Murfreesboro, North Carolina

Origin and Location

This college had its origin in the desire of certain gentleman of Murfreesboro and the neighboring counties in Virginia and North Carolina, to promote the cause of Female Education, and especially to provide for their own daughters the best collegiate instruction in their midst, in that region of country in which they were born and were likely to live.

The location was fixed at Murfreesboro, Hertford County, N.C., a place of 700 or 800 inhabitants, agreeably situated, and perhaps more healthy than any within the tidewater region, where the Baptist church has already established the Chowan Baptist Collegiate Institute.

The climate during the winter is especially mild. Pulmonary diseases and the typhoid fever, so fatal in the upper country and among the mountains, are of very rare occurrence here. In six years before the war, out of more than 700 students, there were but two deaths, and few cases of real illness; and in eight years since the war, with nearly 1000 pupils, there has been but one death and no very serious sickness. This testimony as to the healthfulness cannot be surpassed in any part of the country.

Within two hundred yards of the building is a valuable mineral spring. The water is cold, pleasant to the taste, and an excellent tonic. Those who have used it regularly have found it to be a specific remedy for dyspepsia and general debility.

The New Building

As us generally known, the first building, with the furniture, was totally destroyed by fire about four years ago. With a spirit most commendable and loyal to the demands of the higher education of young ladies, the Board of Corporators determined to rebuild as soon as practicable.

As the result of their untiring efforts and liberality, an elegant edifice now stands on the site of the old, admirably suited to the purposes for which it was designed. Situated in the middle of its spacious grounds, which are ornaments with shade trees and flowers, it furnishes ample room for out-door exercise and recreation. Containing all under one roof a spacious and beautiful chapel, parlor, dining-room, music rooms, high pitched and well ventilated dormitories, all heated by steam, it prevents exposure and affords all the anxious parents may desire, or that young ladies may need or health, comfort, and convenience.

The old furniture having been destroyed, all the sleeping apartments, as well as the other rooms are supplied with new and tasteful sets, not surpassed, if equalled, by our first-class institutions.


A new Philosophical and Chemical apparatus will be purchased in time for the session, enabling the Professor to explain and illustrate more fully the principles of Natural Philosophy and Chemistry.

College Library

Steps will be inaugurated at an early day to form a library of books on general literature, and efforts used to foster a taste for a careful and discriminating perusal of our best authors.

The young ladies have organized a Literary Society for mutual improvement in Composition and Elocution. They will thank their friends for contributions of money or books.

Board of Instruction

Under the new organization there is ab able and experienced faculty, consisting of eight or nine instructors.

The high grade of scholarship which gave prestige to the College and enhanced the value of its diplomas will be maintained.

Modern methods and appliances, when deemed valuable, will be adopted and used, and constant efforts will be made to add to the well merited reputation of the Institution for the extent and thoroughness of its course of instruction.

(etc etc etc)