Tuesday, July 10, 2007

There is a difference between "Progress" and "Development" ...

A recent article from the Roanoke-Chowan News Herald:

M'boro studies waterfront development

By Amanda VanDerBroek
Friday, June 29, 2007 7:53 PM CDT

MURFREESBORO - Every town is always trying to find a way to bring progress to the neighborhood and Murfreesboro is no different.A special meeting of the Murfreesboro Town Council was held on Wednesday to discuss possible development of the water front and other properties in the town. Murfreesboro officials along with citizens and interested developers from William E. Wood and Associates Realtors attended the meeting. Bobby Roberson, planning and development director of Washington, NC, was on hand to give recommendations to the board and community. Roberson shared his experiences and lessons he learned from being a part of Washington’s downtown development. He said the city often ran into problems with land regulations, building density and parking. “There was a lot of outcry from the public,” said Roberson, concerning the citizens’ desire for buildings located on the same block to be the same height. That similar concern was echoed by Murfreesboro citizen Gertrude Revelle. She explained while traveling she has seen cities that have lost their history to progress. “I don’t think we should encroach on history,” she said. Revelle also expressed concern for local restaurant owners in the area. “I would not want to run those people out of business,” Revelle said. All of the developers agreed that in order for development to happen, everyone, including the town, Chowan University and the Murfreesboro Historical Association, had to work together. “There has to be value to what we do,” said Geary Crist of William E. Wood and Associates Realtors. “Murfreesboro is a piece of clay; we can mold it as long as we communicate. We can make it work for everyone.” Mayor Lynn Johnson asked Roberson if he thought the flavor of Washington had been lost due to development. “I don’t think so,” Roberson replied. Roberson said Washington has a lot of history and noted there were retail shops and a civic center. Developer Ray Roenker added to Crist’s comments about wanting to work with the Murfreesboro community. “We’re just saying tell us what you want,” Roenker said. “This is not Reno. You don’t build glass buildings around here, it doesn’t fit here.” “I recommend a request for proposals and get someone on staff, like a city planner,” said Roberson. Roberson also noted the current wastewater project and suggested to make sure the town could provide sewer hookups before anything was done. Councilman Bill Theodorakis noted he would like to see completed projects done by the developers. “I’m all for it,” said Theodorakis. “If it’s done correctly it could be beneficial.”
Johnson described the meeting as “good dialogue.”


Anonymous said...

and what does this mean

MHA Blogger said...

MHA Blogger said...
I'm not sure what the question refers to. What does the title mean? What does the article mean?

The short answer might be that it means "change" is on the horizon for Murfreesboro. Good or bad? Depends on the involvement of the community in the planning process.

Get involved now !

tsb said...

I am so thankful that when I graduated from college that I moved from this small premative town(that was seven years ago)haven't looked back since nor have any regrets about leaving my family and friends.(Even though I miss them) I come to visit only on holidays and can't wait to get back home. Absolutely no progress has been made to this small town...Developments? What Developments you mean the two resturants that probably will be closed by next year.
Progress is change making a better life for the people(especially the younger people of this town)I don't understand in a town with only 1,200 people (if that)that Mayberry police can patrol a community with 50 people that are victims of the same type of crime.
If you want to "progress" "develop" new stores, resturants and places for young people to go and have something positive to participate in.
Oh if this is a Historic town, where are the tourist? The only time this town has any life is when the watermelon festival comes to town, and people have grown tired of that too..This town needs help to grow, maybe the city officials need to hear maybe they can get some life to this town.. I doubt it though, in 30 years nothing has changed, I'm sure the next 30 will be the same..